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We aim to provide aid to the Production Assistants (PAs) working in film and television in the form of 

immediate financial support during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes as well as any future unforeseen work stoppages out of their control.   We offer ongoing emergency financial aid and resources to assist them and allow them to perform their jobs safely and without as much financial hardship.


We are here for the PAs. 

We want them to know that their contributions to the film and television industry are not unnoticed.  We are not here to attempt to make industry-wide changes.  We are here to provide some much needed and well-deserved relief and support during the current strikes and any future unforeseen work stoppages.


We lead with integrity, determination, and passion. 

We never give up on a fight, we always face challenges head on, and we do it all with a smile.


From the Minds of Two ADs, Go For PAs Alliance Was Born!

Hi!  We're Andrea and Katie - DGA Assistant Directors (ADs) and best friends. 

We met as DGA Trainees, and from the first day of orientation, it was clear that we were meant to be friends.  We both love our work wholeheartedly and learn something new every day.  

Like most of Hollywood, we've been out of work since the start of the 2023 WGA Strike (and before, due to a very slow start of the year for production).  We knew that most of the PAs had been struggling to find jobs at the start of the year as well, and in May we found ourselves all at a standstill.  After about a month of the WGA Strike, with no end in sight, and the impending doom of the SAG-AFTRA Strike, we knew it was time to do something to help. 


While both of us wanted nothing more than to get back to work, our conversations always went very quickly to the PAs.  How were they surviving this?  How would they be able to wait it out without falling deeply into debt?  Would they all have to move back home and give up the Hollywood dream for now?  Did anyone else care about the PAs?

And from worrisome hearts, Go For PAs Alliance was born.  

Meet the Team

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