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Goods & Services Donations

Life is expensive, especially in the major cities where most PAs live.  Anything we can provide to help lessen their financial burden and help them perform their jobs more comfortably would be amazing.  From weather gear to dog daycare to walkie headsets, everything helps make a difference.

See below for some ideas on what you might be able to donate.

Offer Discounts

Local and online businesses can offer discounts to PAs.  We verify all of them and send email verification, which can be presented for eligible discounts.

If you're so inclined, perhaps you want to continue discounts after the strikes?

Shop or Attend an Event

Check out our STORE for apparel and accessories.  100% of the profits go directly to PA financial aid distributions.

Shop strike and set related apparel and accessories at Plenty of PaulFormer PA, Paul Zecharia, has generously offered to donate 20% of the proceeds from his following designs to our PA Fund:

*I Can't I'm On Set

*I Didn't Choose the Set Life, the Set Life Chose Me

*Spotlight on Set Life

Events Coming Soon...Stay Tuned!



Do you have a closet full of show schwag you have absolutely no use for or have shoved in a box deep in your garage?  Lots of that stuff is high quality gear and weather protection that many PAs can't afford.  We'll happily take it off your hands and give it to a PA in need!
Recycle! Reduce! Reuse!


If you own an industry-related business (walkie headsets, for example) or a business with useful apparel (think footwear ideal for standing all day or weather protection gear), we'd love to give your goods to PAs in need.



Working in the film & TV industries, it is very hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance, especially when you don't have extra money.  We'd love to be able to offer PAs services such as health & wellness memberships/classes and pet care.  If you'd like to donate these services, please get in touch!

Goods & Services Donations

Anything and everything helps!  Once you submit, we'll get in touch with prepaid shipping or pick-up/drop-off options. 

We'll also send you an in-kind donation receipt. 

Thanks for your support! We'll be in touch.

Local & Online Discounts

If you'd like to offer a discount to PAs, please get in touch.

They'll be able to show you their email verification from us.

Anything helps!  If you own a local business in a production center full of PAs, or an online business, we'd love to give them some much-needed discounts on goods & services.

Thanks for your support! We'll be in touch.

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