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Helpful links for additional financial aid, unemployment benefits, and healthcare.

We've tried to include resources for the major areas of production, but if you don't see your location and need help finding resources, please reach out to us!

Check back soon; we'll be adding more!


A Great Book About PAing

If you're looking for a great book about what it's like to be a PA, check out "Gofers" by Daniel Scarpati.  Not only is it a realistic account of life as a PA, but he gives awesome tips about how to succeed, grow your career, and enjoy the process.

He's giving the PAs 50% off the eBook, so it's $4.99 plus applicable tax.  If you didn't receive the discount link and code in your PA Verification email, just email us, and we'll send you all the info!

Keys to the Production Office

"Drawing on over 40 years’ combined experience, authors Jennifer A. Haire and Gilana M. Lobel map out a career path into the industry by providing comprehensive practical information designed specifically for individuals pursuing the entry level role of the Office PA.  ...An invaluable tool for both breaking into the industry and on the close as you can get to on-the-job training."

Check out their website or buy it on Amazon.

MFJF Primary BlackRed (1).png

Run by current film industry professionals, the MFJF Network is there to support you to achieve your film ambitions. Find exclusive job opportunities from their contacts from across the industry and connect with their network of industry professionals via 1:1 mentoring, virtual workshops, networking events, exclusive programs and the latest jobs and opportunities from across the web and social media. 

Discounts & Gear

*Save your PA Verification Email from us; you'll need it to claim these discounts!*


If you'd like to offer discounts or gear donations for the PAs, please check out OTHER WAYS TO HELP and get in touch!


The incredibly useful job site, Staff Me Up, has generously given a huge discount for annual membership to Go For PAs Alliance PAs.  

With new jobs posted daily and offerings nationwide, it's a fantastic resource for job hunting, and as a verified PA through Go For PAs Alliance, you can have a yearly membership for $75 (instead of $149.99)!

Email and let them know that you're with Go For PAs Alliance, and they'll give you the discount.

Financial Assistance

Specific work requirements (length of employment and earnings) necessary to qualify

Offered through Entertainment Community Fund, but more specific to PAs.

*Scroll down to the bottom of their page to see required documentation

Must be a First Entertainment Member to be eligible

Eligibility determined on case-by-case evaluation, but usually requires a minimum of seven years of qualifying entertainment industry employment.

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