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Anonymous, Los Angeles

My experience on set is always determined by my fellow PAs on the job. Most sets I have worked on I am put through the fire of a busy and demanding workday, emotionally and physically. My ability to keep my head up and have a good day is largely determined by my fellow PAs, and, almost always for me so far, PA Nation has been populated by hard-working and fun-loving dreamers. I have horror stories of PAs, for sure, some that make for a good laugh. But by-and-large I have found my fellow PAs have helped me keep my sanity and helped stoke my delusion that I will make it in Hollywood.

I also am always struck by how cool everyone is who works in the film and TV industry. I don't know what word to use besides "cool" because we are so damn cool! When I go to work, I know I can find a crew member who will tell me about the hobby they have that I've never heard of, about an experience in their life that is more dramatic and more entertaining than the scene we are currently setting up. I am also grateful that my experience with crew members has by-and-large been supportive and fun. I have heard cases of inappropriate behavior, but thankfully have not experienced much myself (so far).

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