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Kiera, Los Angeles

Hands down the most epic $5 Friday bucket we've ever seen!

I started PAing a little over a year ago. Although strenuous and unappreciated at times, PAing is one of the most meaningful roles on set. On my first PA job, everything that could go wrong on a set went wrong. Even still, those difficulties became an opportunity to grow quickly as a PA. I built a strong community amongst the crew and (best of all) was of service to others!

If the strike taught us anything, it is that there is power in community. That very community is what allows us to thrive on set. Whether it's bringing Scripty a personalized latte after a long day, driving to the previous location because the director forgot their sweater, or gently shushing grips for the 1000th time, those small moments of making sure things run smoothly turn into caring for our found family.

As the strikes come to an end and work floods in, I hope that we won't forget to rally and care for one another as we've done throughout these past few months. Check on your mates, surprise your crew members with a consistent smile, and look at every challenge as an opportunity to grow. We're not just doing the grunt work. We're changing lives–one coffee at a time.

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