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Maryam, Atlanta

I am a PA in Atlanta, GA. I've been a PA since 2017 when I would come home from my film courses at my university in England, working on shorts and independents. Once I graduated I began experimenting slightly going into roles such as Key PA and Art PA. This work is important to me because it allows me to see all of the individual departments merge into one film. My goals are to work in post sound, and I hope once things are back to being consistent in the industry I can have the opportunity to be a Post PA and grow from there. My favorite projects are definitely documentaries. I'm passionate about learning new knowledge, and the doc series I was a Key PA for the Atlanta Alliance Theatre/The House of June taught me so much both about film and the topics we were filming about.

My entire film career has been in Atlanta GA, from independents to documentaries, to Linda Burns PA Academy lol, but unfortunately due to financial instability I have to start over again. I have to move back in with my parent who lives in MA, I'm always excited for new things, but in regards to film, there is no place like Atlanta for me.

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