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Rooni, Los Angeles


I’m Rooni, and I’ve been a PA since 2017. I started in NYC and moved out to LA in ’21. Looking back through my photos and remembering a few months ago when things were in full swing, PAing is the most fun job I’ve ever had. Sure, it’s a tough job, the days are long, my feet and legs usually hurt, I don't get a ton of sleep and I don’t make great money, but being on set is like being home to me. I feel like I can totally be myself, and I’ve never felt like I could be my whole self at a job.

I’m plenty sarcastic and sassy with equal parts nice and hardworking, and that all goes a long way in this industry, it feels real. I miss being on set, I miss the people, I miss the work. It’s a job that not only fills my self-worth meter, but also fills my social tank and the work is so fulfilling. I love that this job is both mental and physical, I thrive in the environment. I’ve had some of my greatest memories on sets, meeting new and different kinds of people, rising and sometimes falling to challenges, and laughing so hard my stomach hurts, nothing is like the bond you create with your fellow coworkers on a set, sure its a trauma bond, but aren’t those the best?

I never knew I could have a successful career in something I’ve always loved so much, movies and tv shows were always a world I could get lost in, even after the curtain has been lifted, I love being behind the scenes and watching it all happen, and have amazing little trivia tidbits or a “didya know” moment. It truly gives me life to have been part of some incredible and massive shows like Succession, Pose, Minx, Daisy Jones & The Six, Broad City and so much more.

Another thing I love about the industry is the amount of jobs, and talents and skills on a crew, there's something and someone for everything! It’s a small city that can help anyone get through anything. I started out wanting to be an AD and PAing my way through there, and deciding after 4 years that I want to be in the Art department, and having the connections to start making that switch, and having support from both departments. Having bosses and coworkers see my potential and challenge me to rise to the occasion is something I’ve never encountered at other jobs, and just being given the freedom to try, and make mistakes, and learn and grow has been instrumental in shaping the way I work and live life. I miss the industry, and I can’t wait for things to be back in swing and to feel useful and needed again.

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