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Sam, Los Angeles

I've been PAing for 4 years while in LA, and even longer while in NYC. I absolutely love being on set, watching the magic happen, being a part of the process. Even with the less glamorous parts: the long hours, the stress, the lower pay, I was having fun being part of something important, something bigger than myself. I really loved it.

Getting consistent work as a PA is one of the first steps in this industry, and it's a difficult one in itself. At this point in my career, I had made enough connections to have consistent work on shows I loved. I was finally moving upwards, things were looking bright! But talk of strike was on the horizon. Though I fully support it, immediately my first thoughts went to my bank account. As the lowest paid position, one without a union or benefits, and my upcoming 26th birthday on the horizon, I was about to have no job, no insurance, no path forward. I hope it's not over-dramatic to say this has been one of the hardest years for me, but with the kindness of fellow industry members like the ones who created the Go For PAs Alliance, some odd jobs here and there, and some tips on how to stretch every dollar, I'm still out here, fighting the good fight, on the picket lines, trying to push forward in my own career.

PAs are constantly forgotten, so help from organizations like this are crucial to us. Every bit helps and is tremendously appreciated. Together, we'll push through it all!

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