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Samantha, Atlanta (via Pennsylvania )

Hey! I’m Sam, and growing up I would go to set with my father here and there when allowed which started my love for the film industry. So at the age of six I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps which would be in the video department, but after going to Full Sail I knew I wanted to be an AD. Pittsburgh, PA in 2019 is where and when I started my journey in the industry. My first week… well let’s say I wore shoes that weren’t fully broken in and when asked about the clicks I had no idea what they were talking about. But I wouldn’t change a thing! I recently relocated to Atlanta and got one show under my belt before the strike hit. I was able to meet new people and start another film family in a new area.

Being a PA definitely has its ups and downs but so does everything in life. Have I fallen asleep behind the wheel, done something wrong, not gotten BG ready fast enough, etc… YES! But I’ve also been given great opportunities because of my work ethic & my attitude. I’ve even been on set before with a walking boot because I have such a great time. Each day is always a new chance to prove to everyone you can do it, but the person who matters most is yourself. Remember to always keep your head held high, brush hard times off and continue doing your best!

Trying to pick a favorite memory or moment is so hard. I’ll share a few good one cause I don’t think I can pick a favorite. Ten year old Sam would have fainted if you told her she worked with Kristen Stewart (definitely was a Twilight fan). Jason Momoa on his last day told me I had small feet even though I’m very aware. We were shooting in a bowling alley and had int & ext work to do. Once everyone moved outside and the BG was out I wasn’t needed outside. So I went bowling and instead of putting the correct shoes on I bowled in my socks. I got to work at one of my favorite places, PNC Park. Those are just some memories of moments that I love.

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